6 reasons why investing in Reserva Conchal, Costa Rica, feels like earning a spot of paradise on Earth.

Costa Rica carries the permanent possibility of amazement throughout its 51,100 km2, present in its vast life zone variety, boasting 6% of the world’s total biodiversity while accounting only 0.03% of Earth’s surface;

Costa Rica accounts for some of the most breathtaking destinations in the world, and Guanacaste is no exception. Bathed by the Pacific Ocean, contributing to a year-long balmy weather, the Gold Coast of Costa Rica is the ideal location for an exclusive sustainable resort like Reserva Conchal.

Among its 2,300-acre property, Reserva Conchal comprises some of the most alluring and delicate spots of Guanacaste; an upscale sustainable community resort featuring all the things that make this province by the sea an unmissable stop.

In a fast-moving world, here are 6 reasons why specifically investing in Reserva Conchal, Costa Rica, is a key move to set your portfolio apart.

1. Enjoy a lifestyle led by tranquility

Costa Rica is a nation characterized by its peaceful way of living, favored by a long-standing stable democracy and absence of an army, abolished in 1948. With a crime rate ranking amongst the lowest in Latin America, Costa Rica has been able to pivot its resources into its outstanding education and healthcare systems.

In this manner, Costa Rica sets a new standard in terms of healthcare thanks to a public Social Security system with a large network of public hospitals and clinics running throughout the country and covering almost the entirety of the population.

Aside from the nation’s public health sector, the private health industry has recently seen major advances in private hospitals both in and out of the capital. Medical tourism is growing enterprise in Costa Rica, especially when it comes to major surgeries, dental and cosmetic procedures thanks to affordable rates and the level of expertise of medical professionals.

About 12% of Costa Rica’s total energy production is wind powered.

2. Sustainability as the key for future developments

Another factor that grants Costa Rica a clear advantage is their permanent focus towards sustainability, constantly redefining the concept of progress around an environmentally centered way of living.

With ambitious net zero emission goals gaining international recognition and ecotourism initiatives where nature is diligently cared for, achieving a lifestyle in harmony with the environment is definitely easier in a place like Costa Rica.

In the face of climate change, and under the imperative need of paying closer attention to our surroundings, Costa Rica has become a leader in terms of renewable energyclean energy supplying 99,98 % of the energy output for the entire nation. Under the same scope of conscious action, Costa Rica has acquired a profound compromise with the biodiversity it boasts, by designating a quarter of the nation’s total territory for areas of conservation.

These notable milestones of environmental stewardship are carried all the way to the sustainable focus of Reserva Conchal and its continuous efforts in all aspects of sustainability, including solar powered panels that provide 7% of the total energy for on-site hotels, two wastewater treatment plants and a 98-acre national wildlife refuge- a profoundly impactful commitment to natural conservation.

Cloud Forest Biological Reserve Monteverde.

3. A year-long destination for travelers

Costa Rica has an average temperature of 75°F and has 2 main seasons throughout the year: the green season and the dry season. The green season is the optimal occasion for wildlife sightings, concentrating some of the main biodiverse happenings between the months of May and November, including flora awakenings, mating season for many species and unique natural spectacles like turtle nestings and humpback whale visits.

For the following months, from December through April, the dry season takes up the scene, with a warm and sunny demeanor serving as a great counterpart for the cold winter months in the northern hemisphere, making it one of the highest density traveling seasons in Costa Rica.

This accessibility in terms of air travel and its tropical seasons favor the visit of millions of tourists from around the world all year long, and is also known to have locals from the capital touring the country during the weekends, granting owners a profitable opportunity to acquire a summer home in Reserva Conchal and rent it out for the remainder of the year.

Views of Reserva Conchal and Playa Conchal, Guanacaste.

4. Welcome to a privileged coastal location

As an attractive destination, visitors benefit from Costa Rica’s growing air travel infrastructure of 4 International Airports to choose from, simplifying access to some of the main tourist hotspots like Guanacaste, thanks to the Liberia International Airport (LIR), hosting multiple flights from and to the United States daily.

Located in the northwestern sector of the country, Guanacaste is home to one of the world’s 5 blue zones and is a popular destination for land and sea adventures in Costa Rica.

Surrounded by a scenic opulence worthy of its worldwide reputation, this coastal haven, and gateway to the Pacific, is home to upscale resort Reserva Conchal; minutes away from various private schools that follow the American education system, a high-quality public healthcare system, and multiple entertainment options, setting down roots in this sustainable community resort will practically feel second nature.

5. Never wave goodbye to your active side

Guanacaste is the place to be for those with a permanent calling for adventure, as well as anyone wanting to experience daily unbounded thrill

Take on the active side of life by land and explore its 5 volcanoes, countless waterfalls and 6 national parks, or find your place amongst the waves of any of its top surfing beaches, including Playa Avellanas and Tamarindo Beach-just 30 minutes away from Reserva Conchal.

Opting for ultimate fun inside Reserva Conchal is just as soul-gratifying. As a sustainable community resort based in Guanacaste, it presents plenty of options to truly take in the beauty of Guanacaste steps away from your doorstep, through trekking, hiking, snorkeling, stand up paddling, surfing and more activities inside the resort.

Within its grounds, Reserva Conchal includes an 18-hole, par-71, Audubon-Certified golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones II, 19.4 km of trails throughout the resort, and additional world-class amenities: a beach-club managed by Troon International, 5-on site haute-cuisine restaurants, as well as exclusive home-owning options.

Views of Reserva Conchal and Playa Conchal, Guanacaste.

6. Absolute control in your home-owning experience

The possibility of home-living in Reserva Conchal is definitely captivating. Claim your space amongst nature and call it completely your own thanks to Simple TItled Ownership in Reserva Conchal: a great option for owners who’d like an unlimited scope of action in terms of building, remodeling and reselling their property.

Enjoy an absolutely personalized experience while developing your dream space and permeating your vision onto your new home in this profoundly special zone.

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