Our directive team has enlisted consultants and external auditors to ensure every operation maintains a high level of compliance in areas such as health surveillance, infectology and epidemiology.

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The creation of the CCI (Incident Command Committee), led by the directive team of the Resort has established the guidelines by which the pandemic has been managed. We have kept the most strict protocols for water and food safety and worked on additional measures to ensure that residents, visitors and guests can enjoy their time here without worries.

Staff has been instructed to wash hands more often and has received additional cleaning and personal hygiene training to keep every area tidy. The Beach Club and other common areas have received deep cleaning in the last months.

We are constantly monitoring and taking measures to prevent and control different diseases that can be present in our population. We keep a record of contagions of infectious diseases cases, digital registries of medical appointments and hold information and vaccination campaigns

Additionally, the Resort has developed specific Covid operational documents, which are audited, revised and updated periodically. Companies like Go Costa Rica Vision, OCC Consultores, Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, Guanacaste Garden Center, Centro Médico Metropolitano and Britt currently operate under these guidelines.

This campaign is a solidarity effort that brings support to the affected communities of the coastal areas of Guanacaste.

Together, we seek to positively chain the micro-economy of Brasilito, Matapalo and Huacas, beginning to provide the economic means to families so that they can cover their food needs through the associated ‘sodas’ (local restaurants), which will provide the necessary incentive to maintain job assets and help local producers.

For every $35 donated we handed out 10 Hope Tickets through NGOs to people in need in the surrounding communities.

Each Hope Ticket was exchanged for 1 meal in any of the local affiliated ‘sodas’.

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