Our Apiary: Raising Bees for a Better Future

Reserva Conchal has new neighbors: 60 bee hives ready to pollinate our local trees. We recently witnessed the first harvest of honey from our bees; it was a moment to appreciate the contribution of nature in its own protection and a moving experience to learn how we can ensure a better future for all living beings in the area.

Getting to this point was not easy, but just as busy bees do, we believe that sustainability is achieved with intentional and constant actions.

As part of this vow, we consulted with a group of students from INCAE’s MCP program for a business idea that would bring benefits to the environment; they came up with the plan to install an apiary in our forest.

What is an apiary, you may wonder? It’s the place where all that magic happens, where the honey is harvested and the bees find a home to rest and work.

Who can come and see the bees? For now, our apiary is a restricted area for authorized personnel including Blue Zone, the company that harvests the honey. We would like to engage with the community in the future and open our doors for people to appreciate the genius of bees.

These tireless specimens help us pollinate the trees in about 3,000 hectares and contribute to the continuity of the different ecosystems located in Reserva Conchal.

We love having this property full of native species such as jícaro (Crecentia alata), mahogany (Swietenia humilis), guácimo (Guazuma ullmifolia), ceiba (Ceiba pentandra), savanna oak (Tabebuiarosea). The best way to keep these trees healthy is through the work of bees.

The Honey Pot

The frames that are more superculated are the ones that provide the most honey.

Honey does not grow from trees, but they do give impetus to its production! To produce 1 kilo of sweet organic honey, hundreds of bees must be traveling around 8.000 km altogether between flowering trees.

Bees must remain undisturbed and they appreciate living in a warm climate, which is why Guanacaste is the perfect place for the growth of hives.

Guanacaste is considered a cradle for beekeeping in Costa Rica. The harmony that bees bring to the environment is possibly part of the reasons why people live better and much more in this part of the country.

Harvesting a few kilos and bringing them to our restaurants’ tables it’s gonna take a while, but we are working so sooner rather than later you can have a taste of this glorious liquid gold.

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