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We believe sustainability is a call to action to foster awareness of the world that surrounds us, based on three pillars: Environmental, Social & Economic.


Reserva Conchal offers quietness and tranquility at peace with nature. As we gently care for our visitors, we take care of the land that hosts our resort.

The Sun is responsible for giving this area its characteristic heat and its calid energy. About 1,400 solar panels were installed on our property as part of our commitment to clean energy and the preservation of the environment.

This technology covers 7% of the energy used by hotels and contributes to the reduction of 40 tons of carbon dioxide each year.
ENERGY Desalination Due to droughts and climate change, water is a precious resource for Guanacaste and our community. That is why in 2016 we launched Costa Rica’s first desalination plant, an innovative source to irrigate our fields and provide drinking water for our hotels and residential projects. ENERGY Plastic
In 2019 we hatched a plan to reduce the amount of plastic used at the resort. Through the successful BE H2OK program, we managed to reuse the majority of plastic bottles and now we’re working to stop the use of plastic for drinking water inside Reserva Conchal.
WATER Wastewater
We believe no drop of water should be wasted. We installed an irrigation system that uses artificial intelligence to prevent leakages and overwatering.

Additionally, wastewater from the two hotels on property is reused to irrigate the golf course and to our gardens in a bright green tone.
ENERGY Organic
Seeking to empower local women in the community, we launched an organic farming initiative called “Hortalizas Najui.” (“Hortalizas” are vegetables, and “Najui” is a Chorotega word for women). The organic vegetables sowed in Reserva Conchal are sold to the restaurants at the Westin and W hotels, which helps the supply of fresh ingredients for every kitchen.

This joint initiative from Reserva Conchal and the National Agricultural Technology Institute (INTA) is already showing impressive results, incorporating a hydroponic watering system that recycles the water daily. In addition, compost produced on-site from the resort’s hotel wastes provides fertile growing soil.
The preservation of endemic species is fundamental to keep a healthy environment for everyone. More than 15,000 have been planted in the Reserva Conchal nursery, a place to connect with nature and see its inspiring development.
ENERGY Organic
A Clever Use of Organic Waste Reserva Conchal produces more than 45 monthly tons of organic fertilizer using the Japanese Bokashi technique. Bokashi uses food and organic waste into fertilizer for our tree nursery and green areas.
WATER National
A 96-acre wildlife reserve is our biggest commitment to natural preservation and to keep our operation carbon neutral. Birds, monkeys, floral species and mammals of all kinds live in a broad range of ecosystems, including tropical dry forest, an estuary and a mangrove swamp.

We try to keep these native species undisturbed and give our guests a taste of the unfiltered nature that surrounds us.
Our diligent staff classifies, separates and repurposes all of our waste products and 85% of our total waste is recycled or reused in the best way possible.

We seek to serve as an example to other organizations in the handling and managing of waste using modern tools and techniques that generate a slight impact on the environment
EARTH Blue Flag
The Blue Flag Environmental Program is an annual award that recognizes the pursuit of conservation and development consistent with the protection of natural resources, the implementation of actions to address climate change, efforts that lead to more sanitary conditions, and the improvement of the public health of the people of Costa Rica. The four categories in which Reserva Conchal has received recognition are:

∙ Blue Environmental Flag
∙ Sustainable Homes Blue Flag
∙ Wildlife Refuge Blue Flag
∙ Community Blue Flag


We support the communities that surround us and we are committed to their empowerment

Dual Education
In partnership with the National Learning Institute (INA) since 2014, our technical training program has resulted in more than 240 graduates.

Dual education is based on integral learning, in which through a combination of theory and practical application, students develop the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Our corporate volunteer program allows us to positively impact the environment in which our business operates, carrying out such activities as:

∙ Reforestation activities
∙ Food bank
∙ Emergency attention
∙ Support for indigenous communities
∙ Cleaning of beaches
∙ Maintenance of parks and community centers
Donations for the
In 2016, an alliance between Reserva Conchal and Firefighters of Costa Rica led to the inauguration of the first fire station on the coast, located in Huacas. This emergency infrastructure provides support to the entire tourist region and improves the safety of its citizens.

Reserva Conchal also helped to fund a local medical clinic in 2017, with the
donation of a property of 1,100 square meters and a significan’t amount of medical and office equipment.

A donation of a 940-square-meter lot and its infrastructure allows the operation of a police station in Brasilito since its inauguration in January 2020. This building not only functions as a police operation center, but allows officers to be housed, guaranteeing continuous monitoring of surrounding communities and their visitors.

Code Of Conduct
Following the commitment of Reserva Conchal to ensure harmony and safety in the area, the Westin Hotel has been certified since 2012 with the “Código de Conducta” (Code of Conduct) promoted by local tourism authorities.

Código de Conducta is a responsible tourism initiative that enforces protocols to fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in the context of travel and tourism.


We support fair wages, and we believe economic progress is something to be shared

Direct and
job creation
Our organizational growth strategy is based in the acquisition of local talent from Guanacaste. We are responsible for creating direct jobs in this region along with extensive indirect job creation through collaboration with local suppliers.
Reserva Conchal has become a beacon of progress, in all of our endeavors seeking to fulfill our parent company's motto. "To share with the world a better way of living".

FIFCO is the largest publicly traded company in Costa Rica, and its supported means security and stability for developers and homeowners looking to make long-term investments.

Awards and

Certification in carbon neutrality in hotel operations and golf course, 2016.

Certification in sustainable tourism, maximum award, 2011.

Ecological Blue Flag Awards in protected natural spaces, 2011, community, 2008, and beach, 2004.

Healthcare Quality Seal, maximum score, since 2005.

First hotel to achieve this certification in Latin America, 2004.

First course in Central America to receive this golf environmental certification, 2002.

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